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CBSE Class 10: List of Text Books

CBSE Class 10: List of NCERT Text Books

CBSE schools follow the NCERT textbooks in all subjects such as Communicative English, English Literature and Language, Science, Social Science, Hindi Sanskrit etc.




NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training), which came into being in 1961, with the objective to assist state and central governments in academic matters, is an autonomous educational organization under the Government of India.
It creates and publishes textbooks for students of classes 1 to 10 in several Indian Languages for all subjects in the school curriculum.  NCERT books are of a high quality and have been published after research by a highly qualified and experienced team of academicians. Thus, NCERT books are followed as standard by many schools all over the country. The role and functioning of NCERT  is however not just delimited to the publication of text books. It has a greater role to play in the Indian academic scenario.
NCERT performs a rather long list of activities  and it is through these that it played a significant role in school education in India.

Scope of NCERT
The various bodies of the NCERT advise the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare and aid in the implementation of its various educational programs.
Some of these are: National Institute of Education, Central Institute of Education Technology, etc.

Objectives/ functions of NCERT

Although textbook development is one of its prime focuses, NCERT also implements various educational policies all over the country. NCERT plays a pivotal role in creating and reviewing school curricula. It creates educational documents not only for regular students but also for differently-abled & special groups.
Another important function of the NCERT is to organize state level science exhibitions, essay, poster and photography contests and certain children festivals.
NCERT has performed its core function rather well ever since it was first established. NCERT has been instrumental in bringing about a key change in the way the school curricula is structured. NCERT textbooks are designed so as to bring out the analytical qualities in a child. NCERT text books encourage children to think for themselves, perform group activities, and to relate the study material to the real practical world. They are so designed as to eliminate rote learning as much as possible.
NCERT has also brought about qualitative changes teacher training. By initiating and enforcing pre-service and in-service training of teachers in primary, elementary, secondary, and higher secondary levels, it has caused the teaching levels to go up quite a few notches.
The scope of NCERT extends beyond the boundaries of our country as it interacts with international organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.

Sl No. Subject Name
NCERT Book Name
1. Mathematics Mathematics – Exemplar Problems
2. Science Science – Exemplar Problems

Lab Manual – Science: Assessment of Practical Skills

3. Social Science Political Science: Democratic Politics

Geography: Contemporary India

Economics: Understanding Economic Development

History: India and Contemporary World 2

Disaster Management

4. English Literature

and Language

First Flight

FootPrints without Feet

5. Communicative English Interact in English – Main Course Book (Revised Edition- 2010)

Interact in English – Literature Reader (Revised Edition- 2010)

Interact in English – Workbook (Revised Edition- 2010)

6. Hindi Kshitij – 2

Sparsh Kritika

Sanchayan – 2

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